Who wears short shorts?


Well I mean, come on, I couldn’t resist the name right?  Anyway, I love boyfriend jeans, but when it’s hot, I love cut off boyfriend jeans even more.  What better to throw on when it is a scorching 95 degrees than Levi’s cut offs?  Nothing!  There is nothing better and you know it!  Except maybe a swimsuit, but don’t tell anyone.

This vintage handbag is quickly becoming a staple.  Navy blue, just in time for fall, and cute as can be!  Perfectly paired with my shiny shoes and a button up, because a button up goes with everything.  And so do shiny shoes of course!

Blouse:  Vintage // Shorts: Vintage Levi’s cut offs, bomb! // Shoes: 14th & Union, also in “A little somethin’ somethin’.” // Purse: Vintage // Sunnies: Random shop in California (How is that for information?)



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