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Plain white is something that keeps popping up in my wardrobe as of late.  This is really odd because white is something I usually steer clear of because of the hassle of not having a dark colored napkin constantly on my body.  I am an adult, I reassure myself like, four times a day, but this seems to be a habit I can’t kick.  Oh well, life goes on and I will always limit my whites to something that I absolutely cannot live without.  Case in point, this shirt dress.  My boyfriend said it kinda looks like something Jesus would wear, or that I should be getting baptized or something, but I like it so he’ll have to deal.  I especially like any dress that lends to my obsession with bike shorts, and this one suits it perfectly.  You can even catch glimpses of said shorts through the slit now and again.

On top of the killer shirt, the Mary Jane Docs kinda steal the show.  Dr. Martens are known for their thick soles, but add in double the height and I’m sold.  Although they do have the slightly unflattering ability to shorten and stump-ify your legs, I’ll still do it.  The best kind of shoes for showing off my beloved socks are Mary Jane’s, so I am beginning to build up an arsenal of them.  Time for more sock shopping!  

…it’s a really good thing that my boyfriend loves me.

Shirt Dress: Zara (hint: it’s on sale NOW!) // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: Dr. Martens // Socks: Gap // Purse: Vintage

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  1. I guess, I’m getting like slight jesus vibes but in an incredibly fashionable jesus with good taste in shoes sort of way lol. Love the shirtdress but, if it’s possible, love your straw bag more. Why is it so fricken adorable? On a mildly unrelated note, one day, I’ll steal your sock collection. That is all…for now. :)

    xx Sarah



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