What do you need bathing shoes for?

Another button up vintage shirt… I know… But I just love them!  So much.  Anyway, the real star of these photos are my F-Troupe bathing shoes!  What are bathing shoes for you ask?  Well, everything.  They are so comfortable!  You wouldn’t guess this as they are made from rubber, but nah, they form to your foot like a glove!  A rubber one maybe, but either way, a glove.  I seriously want them in every color, (which don’t worry, they come in just about every color,) you can just throw them on and go for the day and not give any cares!

Another little gem here is this little leather purse.  The closure is too cute!  Plus I am not much of a big purse girl, opting instead for something that is much easier to lose, and this fits the bill!  (Seriously I have a problem with losing my purse, leaving it at restaurants, at home, at peoples houses, it’s embarrassing.  I’m an adult.)  I love the embossing on the leather, and it is so easy to throw over my shoulder and again, not give any cares!  Do you find you are more carefree with a smaller bag?  Or are you the type to carry everything but the kitchen sink?

Shoes: F-Troupe Bathing Shoe // Jeans: Paige Verdugo Ankle // Shirt, Sunglasses, & Purse: Vintage // Lipstick: Tarte LipSurgence in Fiery

What do you think?