Welcoming and Bidding Adieu: Styling Front Door Spaces

Front Door Styling on One Turn Kill

It’s no surprise I like quirky things, right?  I like quirky things so much that I want them to be the last thing I see when I leave my house (you know, for a good sendoff!), and the first thing I see when I open my front door!  It is important to have things you love all around you, but I think entry ways and front door spaces in general are usually forgotten and left behind.  Not over here!  Even though I don’t have a formal entry way I have found ways to make the door hold it’s own against the other living areas.  I gather things from all around to perfectly position to greet, or bid adieu, whoever may come into my home.  

Since I don’t have much space in my tiny Los Angeles apartment, most of what goes here serves a purpose.  The hand hook is used to hold whichever purse I might be using at the moment and to hold a cute little “Home Sweet Home” sign I picked up while living in New York.  The ice cream cone bank is a great place to dump any pocket change I have gathered throughout the day, instead of letting it get lost in the laundry.  Putting little pieces, like the plant tray under the bank, add interest to any piece and make them seem more deliberately placed instead of just dumped in a corner.  My umbrella is both cute and obviously functional (although I hardly ever have to use it), so it can sit out without being a nuisance.  Add in a couple of other things you love like a quirky wreath or an evil eye warding mask, to pull it all together into one very welcoming front door.  

What do you think of it, is it welcoming to you?  What do you keep near your front door?    

Hand Hook: Anthropologie // Chili Pepper Wreath: Vintage // Mask: Nazar Battu from Karma Mantra // Home Sweet Home Sign: Random little home shop in Brooklyn // Plant Tray: Vintage // Ice Cream Cone Bank: Ban.do Pop-Up // Lamp: Ikea // Lip Bag: Sunita Mukhi // Umbrella: Forever21 (similar here) // Rug: Target (similar here)

Front Door Styling on One Turn Kill

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