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I actually got this jumpsuit a few months ago, and then it somehow got pushed into the back of my closet and I completely forgot about it.  Sometimes though, that isn’t a bad thing!  Not seeing an article of clothing for a while can give you a new perspective on it, whether it’s a new way to wear it, or you just realize you don’t actually need it.  If I feel like my wardrobe is being stagnant, I will pack some things up and put them in storage and come back to them when the seasons change. At the point that I reopen the box, a lot of times I realize I don’t need to keep it around and I am able to let it go, or I pull it out and try it all over again.  What do you do when you think your closet needs a refresh?

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters, get the look here & here// Shirt: Urban Outfitters, similar here & here // Shoes: Adidas EQT Racing OG // Visor: Anthropologie, similar here

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