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Vintage Top and boots, Top Shop Skirt on One Turn Kill

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Vintage Red Boots and Vintage Sweater on One Turn Kill

Vintage Red Boots and Sheer Skirt One Turn Kill

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Top Shop Skirt and Vintage shoes and Boots on One Turn Kill

How overused is the word (if you can call it that), nah? So overused that when I thought of a title for this post it was the only thing that came to my mind. Like it or nah? Although most of my clothing tends to be vintage, as I hate wearing the exact same things everyone else is, every now and then I find a piece worth buying.  That being said, it usually ends up being something that looks like it could be vintage and that brings us to this skirt.  I bought it at Topshop and I am enamored with it.  All of those sequins and the sheer flowing fabric? Swoon.

Not to be overlooked though, are these killer vintage red leather boots.  Red boots that are perfect are hard to find, especially ones with heels.  I feel like they end up looking too flashy sometimes, but these one are just perfect and I will never give them  up!  I love the 90s square toe and the big black heel, definite score.  And this 70s style zip up short sleeve sweater?  It’s pretty self explanatory and it’s explaining “I’M AWESOME!” Hope your weekend is going swimmingly!

Top & Boots: Vintage // Skirt: Topshop // Sunglasses:  ZeroUV


  1. I so sincerely thought that skirt was vintage, and I’m in love…and off to topshop real quick. On second thought, I’m challenging myself to find a vintage version. May the best skirt win lol xx

    • Yes! Find a vintage one! I know it’s out there and I want to see it when you do!

  2. i have big canoe feet so i never seem to find vintage boots in my size :( and i’d never guess that awesome skirt is topshop! i sometimes don’t buy things from stores just because i knooow i can find something similar while thrifting (and for like $3…)

    awesome look as per usual :)

    xo marlen
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    • I can never find shoes because I have like the most common shoe size out there! So when I do find them I throw a party, for my feet of course. And I, most of the time, don’t buy things from stores because I know I can find it or I know that everyone else will have it so…. Ha ha life is rough.


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