T-shirts and mini skirts.

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It’s real hot today, which means all you can do is eat popsicles and wear as little clothing as possible.  Well, maybe a little more than “as little as possible,” but this mini and tee shirt combo will definitely do.  Mini skirts are the essence of summer, if you ask me, and nothing goes better with them than a big baggy tee to offset the girlishness of it.  You can always go with a plain white tee and a patterned skirt, but where is the fun in that?  Well, there is still fun in that, because you should always have fun in a mini, but I wanted it to have something more unexpected.  I took a shirt with the same overall color scheme, aka black with a little white/gray/other colors, and threw in some sneakers of the same color scheme.  Each piece somehow flows into the next, while keeping their own point of interest.

Starting out with one piece, for me the skirt, and building upon it is usually how I pick out my outfits.  I decide on one thing that I for sure want to wear that day, and then find a shirt that compliments it, and then go for shoes.  Breaking it down like this makes getting dressed a much less daunting task because you aren’t trying to figure everything out at one time.  Now if I could just apply this method to everything in life, I think a lot more would get done… Well, maybe tomorrow, but for now, at least I am dressed!  :)

Shirt:  Led Zeppelin classic from my boyfriend closet // Skirt: Urban Outfitters (one sale even!) // Shoes: Chucks

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