Sunday School: Printing Press


Sun•day school

noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.


This week: Print All Over Me.  

Getting all up in those prints!  Full bodied or just a touch, prints are the best way to spice up your life, every boy and every girl, SPICE UP YOUR LIFE.  It’s high risk, high reward for the mix and match, or play it safe with a set made for each other.  See prints done right, hot off the press, on the lovely ladies below:

Harpers Bazaar


Style Bubble

Harpers Bazaar 3

Tommy Ton


Pop Sugar

Street Strut

Harpers Bazaar 2


Images via: Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Pop Sugar, Street Strut, Style Bubble, Tommy Ton, W Magazine

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