Sunday School: Jump Suiting


Sun•day school

noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.


This week: One and done.  

Nothing comes easier than jumpsuit dressing.  Pull it on, button it up and all that’s left are the shoes.  Buy one in every color, shape, and fabric because you NEED them.  Summer, spring, winter, and fall, these babies will pull you through them all.  Jumpsuiting for me, jumpsuiting for you, jumpsuiting done spot-on by the babes below:

Citizen Couture

College Vintage 2

Style Caster

College Vintage

Harpers Bazaar



Who What Wear


Images via: Harpers Bazaar, Le21eme, Citizen Couture, College Vintage, Elle, Glamour Feels, Pose, Who What Wear, and Style Du Monde

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