Sunday School: Jewel Tones, What?


Sun•day school

noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.


This week: Jewel toned dog days.  

Well, well well!  What have we here? A little bite from the autumn bug right in the jewel toned ass.  Only for fall?  Pish posh!  These ladies are doing jewel tones, and doin’ them well while still keeping that summertime mood goin’ strong.  You get a jewel tone!  You get a jewel tone!  Everybody gets a jewel tone! 


The Cut

stockholm streetstyle

MelanieGalea_TheStreetMuse (1)

stockholm streetstyle

Images via Stockholm Streetstyle, The Cut, Elle, & The Street Muse


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