Sunday School: Cut Offs

Sun•day school

noun a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.

This week: Cuttin if off.

Cut offs are no joke.  You have to get the perfect length for the look you are going for, the perfect amount of fray, and lets not forget the very important part about getting both sides even.  Whether you opt into buying a pair cut for you, or you are feeling fun and fancy free and do it on your own, use these ladies as your cut off inspo:  



Images via: Elle, Style Lovely, Le Fashion, The Serial Designer, The Glamourai, My Precious Confessions, Olsen’s Anonymous, and Fashion Prose

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  1. I’m following this vintage shopping girl on instagram and combined with this post, I think I’m officially making a trip to goodwill today for some mom jeans, soon to be cut off shorts lol. Using these photos as inspo!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins


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