Sunday School: Conversely


Sun•day school

noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.


This week: Chuck it.  

Life is better in Chucks, you can’t deny it.  Walk, dance, chew gum, you can do it all in these babies.  Pair them with a fancy-schmancy dress or a threadbare tee, they look equally as nice no matter which way you go.  Swing in high tops or swing it low, any color will do just fine.  Beat ’em up, wear them through, love your feet like Chucks love you.  Need some inspo?  Rounded up below are a bunch’a babes, doing down and dirty Converse.  Go ahead, take a look:


Style Du Monde


We Heart It



Mr Newton


Whitney Port


Images Via: Fashables, Style Du Monde, Phoenix Magazine, We Heart It, Glamour, StyleCaster, Mr. Newton, Asos

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