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So, as far as creativity goes, this outfit wouldn’t win any awards, but when it comes to comfort… it takes the cake.  Jeans that are comfortable are probably my best friend, and like my One Teaspoon shorts, I could probably sleep in these and be just fine.  Some days pajama dressing that doesn’t look like pajama dressing is needed.  When it’s hot out and you just want to be comfortable, while still looking cute and not too exposed, an airy sheer top and comfy bottoms is the way to go.

After that, all you have to worry about are the shoes.  I chose a simple pair of menswear loafers, you can’t really go wrong there.  You can throw them on with almost any outfit!  But I chose to throw them on with my pajamas, erm, this outfit.  What’s your favorite pajama dressing outfit?

Shirt & Pants: Zara // Shoes: Vintage

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