Zara Dress on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill x Shellys of London

Asher from One Turn Kill

Zara Dress and Shellys of London White boots

Bandolier on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill in Zara Dress

Asher in Zara Dress on One Turn Kill

Shellys London White Strappy Boots on One Turn Kill

Navy Dress and White Boots on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill

Los Angeles Fashion Blogger One Turn KillI am not a fan of tight dresses.  Why?  How are you supposed to get anything done?  You can’t.  Then in comes this dress, in all of it’s stretchy, sporty glory to save the day!  Would my day really have been ruined without it?  Maybe, but probably not.  Any way, I’m starting a new thing where I give you an idea of how I put my outfit together.  Whatchoo think about that?

What: The dress.

And next: I knew I wanted something kind of chunky on the bottom, to balance out the sleek look of the dress.  I also knew I would want something to really stand out, aside from the dress, to make the outfit pop.  I am not going to lie, this one was pretty easy because I hadn’t worn these boots yet so they were on the forefront of my mind as far as light colored shoes go.  I tried the shoes first without socks, and decided that the contrast of the navy dress and the off white shoe was perfect, but there needed to be a little more darkness down at the feet.  That is where the black socks came in.  I like navy and black together, although sometimes they can get lost in each other.  I feel that it works here because they are broken apart with some skin and the light coloring of the boots.

How it ends: The bandolier.  Oh, the bandolier!  I can’t tell you guys how much this little green thing saves my life.  I love carefree pieces and this one takes the cake.  I only put things in the front two pockets on either side (so I can leave it on when I sit and my stuff doesn’t get in the way), so it keeps my “baggage” to a minimum while allowing for complete organization and totally free hands.  As the dress seemed to scream no fuss, I didn’t feel like a high maintenance bag would quite go with it.  Plus, I love navy and army green, two pees in a pod I tell ya!

Most of my outfits are built like this, where I know I want to wear a specific piece so I put it on and build on it.  Sometimes it starts with shoes, sometimes a hat, and sometimes what I initially wanted to wear ends up not even being in the outfit I wear.  Such is life, right?  Well, I hope explaining things this way can help you in your own closet conundrums, if not this one, maybe one that has yet to come!  Check back yo!

Dress: Zara // Shoes: Shellys London // Bandolier: California Surplus // Sunglasse: Forever 21

Photography by Sumanta Muth


  1. Love this look! Completely perfect! Determined to get me one of those bags!


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