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Short Sleeve Sweater on One Turn Kill

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Vintage Shorts and Sweater on One Turn Kill

Loafers and Plaid Shorts on One Turn Kill

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Plaid Shorts and Blush Short Sleeve Sweater One Turn Kill

Blush coloring has been on my mind for a few weeks now, maybe it’s because fall is the buzz word lately, and peach and blush colors always remind me of autumn.  I am in no way shape or form asking for summer to be over, but a change of seasons always means a change in fashion, bringing a nice little wardrobe refresh as your brain shifts with the weather.  This outfit is perfect for fulfilling my fall like moods with the plaid shorts and short sleeve sweater being cool enough to wear in the heat while still giving a taste of fall.

I have a thing right now for plaid pants, or shorts… let’s go with bottoms, and I can’t seem to get enough!  Especially when they are wide leg and comfortable.  I want to style them with everything, so you can expect to see more in future posts as I have purchased three pairs in the past two weeks.  Oops.  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Sweater: Vintage // Shorts: Giorgio Sant’ Angelo (They are all over Etsy in so many colors!) // Shoes: Vintage

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  1. I legitimately can’t handle how cute these pictures are. I was a little over excited to see the first one in the bloglovin feed just now and hopped over here just a little too eagerly lol. xx


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