Shortalls all grown up.

A week or so ago a friend was asking me what to wear with shortalls.  They are even harder than their counter part of full pant-alls to make look grown up!  But I mean, come on, shortalls.  Shortalls.  ShortALLS.  I hate the word, it’s the worst.  It doesn’t even make sense.  Nonetheless, I love the actual article of clothing.  Here are three ways I have found to make my favorite pair of shortalls look somewhat more age appropriate.

1. Leather:  Add some leather!  I chose to pair them first with a leather vest.  What little kids have you ever seen running around with a leather vest under their overalls?  None.  None little kids.

Shortalls: G-Star // Leather vest: Ralph Lauren // Tan booties: Rumble Boots by JC

Overalls with Leather 1500


2. Neon:  Add some neon in with the mix!  Even better, some lacy neon!  Maybe get a bit scandalous under such a modest piece of clothing with a neon crop top of sorts.  Then throw on a pair of flashy wedges, and you are good to go!

Shortalls: G-Star // Neon top: Urban Outfitters // Red sandal wedges: Prabal Gurung for Target

Overalls with Neon 1500


3. Suit Jacket:  Nothing says grown up like anything in the form of a suit.  This one just happens to be perfect for such an occasion as shortalls.  Paired with a gray tee and little black boots, you are looking fab in seconds flat!  Maybe you are a little “business in the back, child in the front,” but you know, as I always say, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Shortalls: G-Star // Suit jacket: Vintage, similar in the APV Shop // Boots: Vintage, also seen in “Neon monkey see…

Overalls with Suit Jacket


Hope this helped all of those lost and wandering shortall lovers!  I know you’re out there.

What do you think?