The mini version of me absolutely refused to wear pants.  I have three brothers and they always wore pants, so in my head, pants were for boys (despite my mother’s attempts to convince otherwise).  I wanted a dress with a big fat bow upon my head of long curly hair every single day.  Although the boys obviously didn’t know how to dress, they could still have fun, and I wanted in on it too.  The solution?  Pretties.  What are pretties?  Well bloomers, that’s it really!  I couldn’t have my cute floral undies showing all over town!  All I needed to be happy were pink sponge curlers, a dress with a bow to match, and my pretties.

Weird how things go full circle, especially this one.  All I really want now is for someone to put pink curlers in my hair and give me a dress every day with a bow to match!  I don’t see that coming any time soon, but these pretties will certainly do!  This suit set started out as some sort of gaucho pants and a top with MASSIVE shoulder pads.  I, for some reason, was attracted to it, but it definitely needed an update.  Some elastic band and two shoulder tucks later… PRETTIES!  (With a suit top to match!)

This outfit is definitely getting me into the fall state of mind.  Along with dreaming of chai tea, i have been building an arsenal of matching sets, such as the one above, to get me through the transition.  I am also overly excited to break out more dark lipsticks.  Although some summer outfits call for pitchy lips, fall is when you can sport them sans the awkward looks.  Dark lips and dark brows is where I’ll be!  Maybe with a few more pretties and oversized sweaters…

P.S.  Is the light not killer in these shots?  Didn’t even need edits!  Dying over late summer evening light right now.

Pretties set: vintage // Heels: Urban Outfitters also seen in “Et voilá!” // Lipstick: Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball in Goodbye also seen in “I love the 90’s” // Purse: vintage


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