Please, Part Deux.

One Turn Kill Moves

Fail, fail, fail!  I have posted about half as much as I normally do in the last two weeks!  Why you ask?  I’ll tell ya, I’m moving!  So, instead of trying to juggle moving and very half-assedly blogging and very full-assedly failing, I’m going to take the next little bit off of writing to get a hold on things.  

On top of the big move, I’m also attending New York Fashion week this year (insert celebratory horn & confetti emoji thing here)!  But this is my first time and there is so much planning and emailing and planning and more emailing that goes into it!  Trust me, I’m more than glad to be doing it and to be where I am, but a girls gotta have time to breath, you know?  The chances of me actually having time to breath in the next week are slim to none, but I promise you I’m going to try!  I also promise that I will be back at my normal antics sooner than you know!  

Too many exclamation points for one paragraph? Maybe, but it’s exciting over here right now, even with all of the work!  Now step on down off of your exclamatory high horse, PLEASE excuse my absence, and follow me over on Instagram and Snapchat (@oneturnkill for both), because I’ll pop in over there to say hi every now and then.  


What do you think?