Plaid pants.

Wide Leg Vintage Armani Pants on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill

Vintage Button Up and Pants on One Turn Kill

Pattern Mixing on One Turn Kill

White Button Up Silk Blouse on One Turn Kill

Zara Princess Flats on One Turn Kill

Plaid Pants on One Turn Kill


Pajama dressing at it’s finest!  Although neither of these pieces are pajamas, they sure do feel like it!  Wide leg trousers and a classic button up are an easy way to dress comfortably while still looking chic.  Just make sure your pants don’t have an elastic waistband, as this will make the look too casual.  Throwing in patterns and some saucy shoes are always a must in my book, so plaid and shoes with a little sparkle were an easy choice.  What is your favorite pajama dressing outfit?

Pants: Vintage Armani // Blouse: Goodwill // Shoes: Zara

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  1. this is ADORABLE. i love a good wide trouser, and the fact that you found a plaid one makes it all the better.

    xo marlen
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