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When Autumn is 85+ Degrees.

Holy moly, I am so ready for fall.  SO READY.  I love LA, but gimme a chill! Gimme some sweaters! Gimme some freakin’ fall!   I feel like I have a whole wardrobe waiting to be explored full of fuzzy things and layers, but for now I will just have to settle with some autumnal tones.   These boots, in particular, always show their face when I’m in the mood for fall.  I can’t help it!  They are so golden-y yellow and awesome, they scream FALL.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally break them out sometimes in the summer, when […]


California Summer

My goodness, it’s been a while!  While I was in a definite need of a break from the blog, I am so happy to be back!  And if you didn’t already notice on Instagram, I’m now One Turn Kiss, rather than One Turn Kill.  Unfortunately there is too much negativity and violence happening in the world and my name was being associated with it.  I know that all of you know that I am quite the peaceful person (at least I hope by now you do…), and that I just want everyone to be nice and of course for everything […]


It was too cold, but I did it anyway.

I cannot even explain to you how cold it was when we took these pictures!  It was somewhere around 17 degrees and all I wanted to do was go back inside and curl up in a ball and cry.  It’s like in the winter in LA you just talk about how you are TRYING to wear a light jacket or sweater because you REALLY want it to be cool enough for one, but then you go to NY and all you can do is talk about how you had to take off your down parka to get a decent picture of […]

Asher from One Turn Kill, Los Angeles based fashion and style blogger, at New York Fashion Week fw 2016

This one time at fashion camp…

I actually brought this band jacket home with me from Utah in December, but with LA being so LA, and the jacket being so very wool-y, I couldn’t break it out until the freezing temps of NY.  My mom was out vintage hunting one day and sent me a picture of it with a big (???).  I was like (!!!).  And here we are, months later with patches/pins a blazin’.   I felt like these over-the-knee boots from Valas Los Angeles were a shoo-in with the jacket, something about the military inspired look of the band jacket and the laces […]


Happiest, Cutest Valentine’s Day

  I went to the cutest Galentine’s Day party last night in Brooklyn, hosted by Sam Ushiro, Jordan Sondler, and Melissa Torres. We got so many goodies from and were definitely overloaded with cuteness, (if that is even a thing). Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of shots, so you could get in on the cuteness too! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your day is full of love!

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Grids & Duffles.

If this isn’t the most perfect sweater dress, then I sure don’t know what is!  Grid?  Check.  Turtleneck?  Check.  Perfect body con fit?  Double check!  It’s hard to find a sweater dress that is actually flattering and not just a large bag you throw on your body.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about wearing the bag sweater, but it’s nice to have options people!  I think the print makes it a bit more wearable as well, with horizontal and vertical stripes doing all sorts of things to your eyes and taking them in all sorts of directions, accentuating those lady lumps.   The dress also made for the perfect backdrop to my Julia Gabriel bag, which has definitely become one of my prized possessions, because DUH!  It’s literally perfect.  I love the mix of canvas and leather and the fact that it looks like an upscale, modern version of a duffle bag.  Luh-luh-love it!  I threw on some boots and cute sunglasses and on my way I went!  Dress: C/MEO via BNKR //Boots: Zara // Bag: Julia Gabriel Studio // Sunglasses: Poppy Lissiman Photography by Eli Sims...

Easy Like Sunday Morning.

How do you like my hair?  Show stealer huh?  Just kidding, it’s a bowl cut!  You know, the haircut from the past that is definitely back to haunt us?  Just kidding (again), I sleep just fine and I’m sure you do too.  Unless you have a traumatic bowl cut experience lingering from your childhood… If that’s the case I am sorry I have hit on such a touchy subject.  If not, you should really consider getting one yourself because it’s easy like Sunday morning in a hair cut. Any way… Little black leather skirts are a wardrobe staple in my book.  Probably in everyone’s book really, because aside from a good pair of jeans, it’s one of the most versatile pieces you can own.  Throw it on with a tee shirt and a good pair of boots to dress it down, or some heels and a dainty blouse, or do it my way!  I’m all about the comfortable shoe and a good vintage button up!   I like that the top is neutral with splashes of oranges, reds, and yellows.  It was a perfect match with a basic like a leather skirt.  I pulled the red from the top through to the bottom with the dark burgundy sneakers.  I thought a black bag would be a little too predictable, so I went for a tan clutch.  Et voilá!  The perfect black leather mini skirt outfit was born!   Top: Vintage // Skirt: BB Dakota // Socks: Hue // Shoes: Matt Bernson // Bag: Marie Turnor Photography by Sarah Fernandez...


I’m really, REALLY, into knee high socks right now.  I have no idea what spurred the whole thing… possibly that it’s one of the only aspects of fall that I can actually bring into my wardrobe when it’s 85+ degrees outside.  (Are you sick of me complaining about the heat?  Cause I’m sick of it.)  Either way, I’m into the socks.   Ankle boots are a great accompaniment to such socks and then of course, the real winner here, a short little shift dress from House of Cannon. But, my friends, not just any little shift dress.  ONE WITH A ROBOT.  Yes, a robot!  In case you missed it in the pictures above, it’s a robot.  A pink one even, and I’m pretty sure nothing goes better with boots and knee highs than a shift dress with a bright pink robot on it. Honestly, nothing goes better with anything than a bright pink robot.  How many times have I said robot in this paragraph?  If you don’t get it by now, there is no hope for you.   Now that we have that cleared up, I still needed a bag.  I really liked the idea of pulling more fall into the look, while also adding a bit more interest, so I chose a bag with autumnal hues and a woven pattern.  I like this bag as a day-to-day kinda bag, but it would also be perfect as a carry on!  Multifunctional pieces are where it’s at people!   Then, to balance the whole thing out, as there was a lot of dark towards the lower half of my body,...

It’s Fall-ish! Pt. 2

Because one day of cookies isn’t enough.   This outfit from Alli K has single handedly made me want to move to a colder climate.  Ha!  Totally kidding.  Seriously, I’m kidding.  I love me some LA sun!  This set will be perfect for LA once the “winter” hits, you know, when it gets down in the 60s & 70s.  This outfit had me from the start, in all of it’s squiggly goodness.  Plus, I am a sucker for matching sets, and even more of a sucker for matching sets that are comfortable.  This one fits the bill and as soon as the weather got down below 80 (for the short 24 hours that it did), I threw it on faster than you can say squash bottom!  I have no idea why squash bottom, it’s just the first thing that came to my mind… Anyway, it was the perfect outfit for the day paired with my trusty Hare + Hart bucket bag.  I also have it in tan and mint, seen here & here & also 1 million other places, and they have become my go-to bags for running around.  They fit everything!  And I always get so many compliments on them, and who doesn’t like that?!?   Now, go ahead, soak in the awesomeness that is me eating a Pumpkin Pie Cookie with Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream sandwich in a killer matching set, all the while toting around my bag.  YOU ARE WELCOME. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich: Milk Jar Cookies // Outfit: Alli K // Shoes: Zara // Bag: Hare + Hart // Sunglasses: Tory Burch Photography by Eli...

It’s Fall-ish! Pt. 1

Let me tell you a little story about how this post was going to be about my outfit, and this Pumpkin Pie Cookie sandwich with Toasted Marshmallow ice cream was going to be a prop… But then there ended up being way too many cute pictures of Milk Jar Cookies AND of the outfit that I had to split it into two posts!  Pretty good story right?  Too many cute pictures are never a bad thing if you ask me, and neither are too many cookies! If there is such a thing… Well my friends, let’s get down to business here, shall we?  It’s fall pretty much everywhere.  Everywhere, that is, except good ol’ Southern California.  We’re still in the 80-90 degree range over here, making getting into the fall spirit somewhat of a challenge.  What is fall without a good cozy sweater?  A slight chill in the air?  Or how about a little pumpkin flavored goodness?  No, I’m not talking about your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill pumpkin spice latte here,  I’m talkin’ about the good stuff!  Like pumpkin bread!  Or pumpkin pie! (Maybe not for another month, but still.) OR PUMPKIN COOKIES!   Despite the lingering heat, Milk Jar Cookies has found a way to bring the fall to us in a more Southern California appropriate way, through an ice cream sandwich of course!  Toasted Marshmallow ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked Pumpkin Pie cookies? Uhmmmm… Yum!  And quite pleasant to eat in the heat.  Not bad Milk Jar Cookies, NOT BAD.   Of course, to really get into the spirit of things I had to throw on an...

The sweetest things.

An embroidered denim dress with a honey bear?  Duh, I had to have it.  It’s a honey bear!  Plus some cupcakes, cookies, tiny teddy grahams…  Come on!  You’ve never seen a sweeter dress and you know it!  All of this toothache inducing goodness via Eat.Me.Do.  Could the brand name be any better?  I think not!  And to top the dress off, there are tiny little ants marching around it.  I know, you almost cried a little it’s so perfect. So, how do you do a delicious dress like this right?  You pair it with a little glitter on your shoes and one crisp, clean, Valas Los Angeles bag.  I know that you know that I love Valas, (see here, here and this really fun one here,  just to name a few), because what’s not to love?  Buttery leathers, perfect shoes, touches of gold!  But this bag… So far it takes the cake!  Craving sweets yet? I’m not normally a white purse kind of girl, but I have been lusting after this one for quite some time.  Why?  The structure of it!  It’s a little larger than most round cross body bags and the stitching on the V just gets me.  I’m learning in my old age (yes, I’m getting old & my birthday is this month and I am only getting older), that I have a thing for perfectly stitched leather.  This is something that Valas gets right every single time whether on their shoes or on their bags.  Things like this let you know a brand is paying attention.  Nothing but the best I tell ya! Now, can someone...

Sunday School: All Patched Up.

  Sun•day school noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.   This week: Patch, patch, patch it up. Yo, you got a hole?  One patch, two patch, three patch, ten.   Find a patch and sew it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!  For a little patch-y inspo, scroll down to see how the pros pull it off:      Images via: Vogue, Elle, Style Du Monde, Front Row View, Milan Street Style, Trend Stop, & Who What...

Doing my hair in NYC.

Sorry, not sorry for the overload of hair whipping pictures, but FINALLY!  We’re to the hair!  It feels like I have been waiting to share this forever!  If you follow me on Instagram, or even better, on Snapchat, you have seen bits and pieces of this already.  While in New York I had the pleasure of getting my hair done by THE hair color master, Carlina Ortega at Rita Hazan Salon.  Although I was only in New York for a short week, she was able to squeeze me in and give me the rainbow-unicorn-princess hair of my dreams!  And yes, it’s totally worthy of the title I just gave it because LOOK AT IT!   Carlina used a mint green, bubblegum pink, royal blue, and a bright yellow to add some fun into my soccer-mom-haircut, plain brown hair.  She also did an allover brown to give my hair a little boost of shine.  Et voilá!  Rainbow-unicorn-princess hair!  I literally can’t help but move and shake my head whenever I look in the mirror, or when I walk by a window… or when I look into my phone camera just to see my pretty hair… Don’t tell anyone about that last one.  You would do it too, I promise you.   If you live in New York or just happen to be visiting, I very highly suggest going to see her.  That is, I highly suggest you go see her if you want to be stuck looking in a mirror because you love your hair so much.   Seriously though…  P.S. Did you happen to notice that I am wearing...

Doin’ So Much Fringe in NYC.

This REBEL wall!  And how perfect with this outfit?  I loved the blue wall as well, which was near the REBEL wall, for the detail shots.  I love when a wall just compliments the outfit so perfectly, it ends up making the entire shoot so much more fun.  It kind of set the mood for the whole thing, you know?  I was obviously on one because look at all of the faces!  I’m just so silly, I know.   The clothes though, let’s talk about those!  I was on a tassel-y/fringe-y thing while in New York.  Who am I kidding? I’m always on a tassel-y/fringe-y thing.  I was so in love with the idea of fringe on my pants and a little extra tassel (in a lot of a extra color), on my neck!  One bright blue & gold Poppy Lissiman choker comin’ right up!  I decided to keep the shirt black & white, to accentuate the choker, and gave extra pops with the red sunglasses and sneaky-sneaks.   These sneakers were such a go-to while running around the city.  So comfortable!  Plus, fringe is made for movin’ and shakin’, so you have to have comfy shoes to do just that.  Again, who am I kidding?  You have to have comfy shoes to do anything in my eyes.  Ain’t no body got time for heels!  Except for sometimes.  Alright, I’m talking myself into one massive hole here because we all know that if you hand me a cute heel, I’mma make it work.   Especially if they have tassels.    Top: The Fifth Label via BNKR // Shorts: Rachel Comey //...

Doing Ninja Pants in NYC.

 I love the random parks scattered throughout the city in New York.  The little patches of green grass are always begging you to go in and take a breath!  Although my infatuation with them may have a little to do with the fact that there is absolutely ZERO green grass in Los Angeles right now because of the drought…  Either way, take a breath I did, right in the middle of all of the bustle of Chelsea Piers.   So, what better outfit to roll around in the grass with than a tee and ninja pants?  My Lena Dunham Birthday Suit Tee nonetheless!  This tee from Clashist may have been worn one too many times while in New York.  It was perfect for slipping on under or over things when needed, all the while adding quite a bit of interest to anything I was wearing.  Have you guys seen all of the awesome tee’s from Clashist?  And not just shirts, they have some leggings, dresses, swimsuits, and a necklace that I think everyone should have, right here.   And the pants?  Oh the pants!  Also seen in LA Ninja Warrior Ep. 1, I love that I feel like I could take over the world in these pants!  Which frankly was why I decided to bring them along to NY.  You NEED to feel like you can do anything in New York because anything can come up!  The little bit of wind coming off of the water made them even more fun, either blowing them up so I had balloons for legs, or pulling them tight and whipping them around.  All...

Sunday School: For the Fringe of it.

  Sun•day school noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.   This week: Fringe with benefits. On a bus or on a train, on a purse or on your leg.  Fringe is for me and fringe is for you, fringe is all over your great aunt Sue.  Alright, that may have been a stretch, but she could rock it if she wanted.  Check out these chickees to see how to get your fringe on:     Images via: le21eme, A Love is Blind, The Atelier, Elle, Fashionscene, Stockholm Streetstyle, Style Hunter, Tommy Ton, Vogue, Who What...

Doing Plaid in NYC

Whew!  It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted!  Never fear my friends, I am back and better than ever!  After a big move (big meaning big pain in the butt, not big as in far), and traveling clear over to NYC to attend Fashion Week, I was pooped to say the least!  If I’m being honest with you, I’m still pooped.  Who knew Fashion Week would be SO exhausting?  Especially right after the most draining move I have ever made! Alright I know, poor me.  I’m done. I’m done!  New York really was so much fun and I met some awesome people, including the lovely Karina that just so happened to take these pictures.  (Love you Karina!!!!)  You will hear more about the others I met later this week, but for now here’s one of my favorite outfits from NYFW.  Easy breezy, just the way I like it!  I wonder if you went back through all of my posts how many times I have said that… But it’s true!  I like my outfits to be no fuss and this one fits the bill EXACTLY.   A dress to slip over your head? Check.  A vest to throw on over dress to make it look like you care? Check.  Comfy slides? Check.  Cutest little bag for the essentials? Check!  This outfit wins, therefore I win.  Thanks BNKR and Uber for giving me such an easy outfit and equally as easy way of getting around the Big Apple!  Vest: The Fifth via BNKR // Dress: The Fifth via BNKR // Bag: Hare + Hart // Shoes: Matt Bernson // Sunglasses: Poppy...

Turning Summer into Fall.

  The chill in the air is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Although it is a force that is definitely not here yet in LA (and maybe it will never come our way), I know some of you are feeling it, especially as the sun starts to go down. I am not going to lie, I am a little jealous of you who are starting to feel fall, as the heat is starting to get to me over here. Sometimes you just want to wear a sweater, ya know? So this post goes out to you, all you non-Angelinos, who are taking on the chill full-steam ahead! Transitional dressing is some of the hardest for lots of reasons. What colors do you lean towards? Is it still okay to wear white? Are pretty florals out until the heat comes back? Is houndstooth okay for spring? Who cares about all of these rules anyway?  No worries, I’m here to tell you to do what you want! And I’m here to SHOW you how to do your summery dresses for fall. I know, you would be lost without me, so let’s get started… It all starts with that summery floral print dress that you so loved all summer. But why give it up now? You have to put it away for months on end just because it’s started to get a little chilly?   NO WAY!  The key is layering something nice and toasty over it, and pairing it with the right shoes for a fall touch.  I used the most playful, summery, spin-worthy dress  there ever has been and...

Sunday School: Gathers, Tucks, & Pleats

  Sun•day school noun  a congregation of snapshots to enlighten you in the doctrine of fashion; held on a weekly basis.   This week: Lean with it, tuck with it.  Lean with it, tuck with it.    Images via: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Man Repeller, The Urban Spotter, & Stockholm Streetstyle...

Julia Gabriel Studio Fall/Winter 2015 – Circular Series

Julia Gabriel Fall/Winter 2015 – Circular Series For a while now I have been wanting to share lookbooks that are inspiring to me with you guys and there is literally no better way to start than with Julia Gabriel Studio.  I have followed her on Instagram for a while now because 1) COLOR and 2) the killer shapes!  Such a creative mind behind the latest collection and this lookbook! Read more about Julia Gabriel Studio here. The latest collection, Circular Series, just hit the interwebs yesterday all the way from Houston, Texas. (Fun fact for your Wednesday: I was born in Houston!)  You know you want some, get it!  All of these glorious products available now, right over here in the webstore.  Photographer: Joshua Anderson | Creative Director: Tyler Swanner | Stylist: Julia Gabriel | Model: Andi...