OTK Video: Doin’ Coachella 2015!

First time at Coachella! Yay! So this is a full description of how I did things, from getting there to what I wore. I didn’t review the music side of things, that’s a whole other beast!  This is just about the actual festival vibe itself and what worked for me while I was there. Here are the specifics about what I wore:

Day 1 | Overalls: Zara // Tank: Chaser Brand Deep V Back Muscle Tank // Shoes: Converse // Hip Pack: Vere Verto Cito 

Day 2 | Dress: Fiery Finish Vintage (Amazing vintage pieces at really good prices, SERIOUSLY.) // Shoes: Keds // Hip Pack: Vere Verto Cito 

Day 3 | Tank: Chaser Brand Deep V Back Muscle Tank // Shorts: Vintage // Shoes: Converse // Hip Pack: Vere Verto Cito 

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  1. adorei o seu video e como vc apresenta os detalhes do que usou.bjos


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