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Asher from One Turn Kill

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There are pieces in my closet that I just seem to hold on to forever without ever having worn them.  Case in point, this dress.  I was set on styling this dress for a rainy day.  Boy was that stupid!  Why?  Because apparently it is never going to rain again in Los Angeles.  Well, hopefully that isn’t true, but there have been less than three drops of rain since I have lived here I think.  So, this rainy day outfit came out on a sunny day, and was I just as happy with it?  WAS I EVER!

Seriously though, sometimes there are outfits that I get attached to, for one reason or another, and I think I need to wear it in a certain way.  This is ridiculous!  Clothes are there to play with, rain or shine!  I think all of this has come from me cleaning my closet out in the last week.  And then cleaning it out again just yesterday because I didn’t get rid of enough the first time.  Why do I have these things that I save for certain events or weather?  They are mine today, tomorrow, and forever after if I want!  Obviously if the item is full wool and it’s 90 degrees out I will have to wait it out, but this dress is perfect for any weather! Silly me.  Silly, silly me.

Please tell me I am not the only person who does this.  Share in my silliness will ya?

Dress & Purse: Vintage // Shoes: Target

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