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A plain, crisp, white button up is one of the best wardrobe staples, albeit hard to wear as you can’t even have coffee within a three foot vicinity of it.  But… sometimes a white button up needs a little update, and not from your food!  I love this oversized vintage one and you can get a really similar look with this jeweled one from Zara!  Or, just take any old button up you have in your house and add a pin of some sort!  Goodwill is great for finding unique pins, or any antiques/vintage store.

On top of adding a little detail on the actual shirt, white button ups are the perfect way to get your favorite statement pieces into an outfit!  These little princess style flats that I would wear really with anything, as seen here, but they really stand out when the rest of my outfit is simple.  The metallic bag doesn’t hurt the situation either!  It’s all about reinventing the things you have in your closet to be something new!  So go ahead and add some pins and some sparkly shoes, what could it hurt??? Laid back, chic, and weekend ready!

Shirt: Vintage, similar here // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Zara // Purse: Urban Outfitters, similar here

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