Midweek Music Relief: Time to dance.

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I’m all about a comfortable pair of shorts.  I’m also about anything with even the slightest amount of drop crotch.  These shorts combine all of that, plus they are a bit stretchy.  What better pair of shorts could be put together?  None better pair of shorts.  Seriously guys, you need these.  They are One x One Teaspoon (a killer Australian brand with so many good pieces), who have them in all sorts of colors, and they are called Superfreaks, so duh.  Get them.

And what better to wear with said shorts than an embroidered chambray shirt?  This outfit wins on so many levels.  I could probably sleep in it, wake up and slip on these slides, dance the days away and repeat for about a week.  I’ll shower, I swear…

Midweek Music Relief!  Go ahead and do some dancing of your own.  No judgement.

Shorts: One x One Teaspoon // Shirt: Levi’s Vintage Orange Tab //  Shoes: Urban Outfitters


Playlist by my lovely musically inclined assistant, Haley.


  1. Hehe so cute! And those slides are a great compliment to the outfit.



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