Midweek Music Relief: The Clapping Song + My Essentials

Wessley NYC Revlon H&M Orbit One Turn Kill

Oneturnkill Orbit Gum Wallet

Revlon and Wet n Wild Lip Stain Balm

H&M Banana Bag hand sanitizer and jergens lotion

you suck mirror cut toys One Turn Kill

Wessley NYC Rae Bucket Bag One Turn Kill

I decided to do a what’s in my bag today to show you what I carry around on the reg.  Mostly it’s just hand sanitizer, lip colors of every shade, and toys.  I try to keep anything that may explode, i.e. lotion and hand sanitizer inside a plastic bag of sorts to avoid any type of tragedy involving anything else in my bag.  After that, I obviously keep my OTK cards handy and my you suck mirror just in case I need to reapply lip stuff when there isn’t a bathroom in site.  As far as a wallet goes, I keep it simple with a cute little pouch that just holds my ID, card and cash.  Really the most important things are the toys, you never know when you will need one.  What are your handbag essentials?  Lemme know while you take a listen to the playlist below!

P.S. Can you tell which lip color I use most?  The entire logo is completely rubbed off… :)

Bag: Wessley NYC Rae Bucket Bag Cobalt // Little Doll Pouch: Target // Revlon Color Burst from left to right: Balm Stain Romatic #045, Matt Balm Striking #240, Balm Stain Rendezvous #040 // Wet n Wild Balm Stain from left to right: A Stiff Pink #127, Rico Mauve #126, Lady and the Vamp #124 // Banana Zippered Bag: H&M (I couldn’t find this online, however I just saw them there about two days ago, so check your local store!) // Lotion: Jergens Travel Size // Hand Sanitzers: Bath and Body Works // Toys: various grocery store vending machines // You Suck Mirror: Forever21

Playlist by my lovely musically inclined assistant, Haley.

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