Life, love, and the pursuit of mom jeans.

vintage cut off jeans and tank

Red tank, black heels and gap mom jeans

Mom Jeans and Vintage Top

Cut off jeans and black heels

Red vintage tank and Gap jeans

Red back zip tank and vintage mom jeans

If you haven’t heard, mom jeans are in.  And by in, I mean did they ever go out?  Well yes, they did.  Unless you are a mom over the age of… maybe 50? I dunno. And maybe you are on a vacation somewhere wearing a fanny pack and tennis shoes.  If you aren’t, and you are sans a closet full of mom jeans, I suggest you hightail it to your local thrift shop and score yourself a pair.  I mean, you could buy a pair of new “mom fit” jeans, but I say go the cheap route.  Plus, at a thrift shop, you can try many different pairs of slightly different fit and see which is most flattering for you.  Because mom jeans are sooooooo flattering.

The hardest part of finding the right, and “flattering”, fit is the butt.  You have to get the right amount of smoosh, tightness, and butt cheek definition.  They should be comfortably high waisted, loose around the thighs and calves, and my preferred length is a slight crop.  If they aren’t cropped, you can always chop them, like I did with these.  The key to pulling them off is to add in some newer pieces, like a funky pair of heels, to update them.  You don’t want to look like the aforementioned tennis shoe dawning vacationer.

Tank: vintage // Jeans: thrifted Gap // Heels: Urban Outfitters

P.S. if you want a little help, here are a few pairs that I have that I like, to make your thrifting trip a little quicker:

Levi’s 551 Relaxed Fit,Tapered Leg

Eddie Bauer Classic Fit

Gap Classic Fit (these are the ones shown)

vintage mom jeans and heels




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