It was too cold, but I did it anyway.












I cannot even explain to you how cold it was when we took these pictures!  It was somewhere around 17 degrees and all I wanted to do was go back inside and curl up in a ball and cry.  It’s like in the winter in LA you just talk about how you are TRYING to wear a light jacket or sweater because you REALLY want it to be cool enough for one, but then you go to NY and all you can do is talk about how you had to take off your down parka to get a decent picture of your outfit.  Then you realize why you live in a place that doesn’t have winter…

At least my outfit is still cute, right?  A bright red vintage wool sweater and my over-the-knee Valas Los Angeles boots (that may or may not have never left my feet while I was in NY because of their comfort. YES, I said comfort when talking about over-the-knee boots. GET YOURSELF SOME.), and DING!  I’m done!

Okay, maybe I also put a skirt on.  And also I added a few killer accessories like a Boera necklace and Hare & Hart bag.  AND maybe a bright neon pink scarf… Okay, so I was far from done with the sweater and boots.  I guess just thinking about the bitter cold tundra that was New York Fashion Week has my brain a little fried.  Or maybe my brain is a little fried because it is actually a little hot sitting here in my LA apartment as I write this… 

The world may never know. 

Sweater: Vintage, similar herehere & here // Skirt: C/MEO Collective via BNKR // Boots: Valas Los Angeles Stevie Boot // Necklace: Boera Fecta Necklace // Bag: Hare & Hart, similar here // Sunglasses: Illesteva

Photography by Farah Alimi

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