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YOU GUYS! I am so excited to show you my hair!  I had my natural color for almost an entire year (that is definitely a record for me), so I was ready for a BIG change.  In comes my new favorite person in the entire world, Chloe!  She came to my house (huge bonus because I loath driving), brought everything she needed, and got to work making a colorful, happy masterpiece of my hair!  I literally can’t tell you guys how excited I am about it!  Maybe you can sense it because every sentence ends in an exclamation point?  Anyway, not only did she give me the cutest multi-colored head of hair, but she is FREAKIN’ adorable!  (Go check her out on Instagram, @sushimonstuh, you will see what I mean.)  Plus, now that my hair is this light, I can pretty much try out any color!  What’s next?  I dunno, but the door just swung wide open!

Alright, want to talk about the clothes a little?  These shorts, which are normcore as all get-out, are popping up all over my wardrobe lately.  Case in point, the pair in When It’s Right.  The thing that is cool about this kind of piece is that it stands back to let other aspects of your outfit shine through, while still being comfortable and chic, in that late 30’s, dorky-mom-tourist kind of way.  You know?  Yea, you know.  The black pair above served as the perfect accompaniment to my Vere Verto Mox bag as a hip pack.  I’m like the coolest fanny pack and mom shorts wearing chick around, no?  What with my purple hair and mantra beads.  Sheesh.  How can you even handle me?  Top the whole look off with the cutest little teddy bear necklace and your mind is officially blown.

If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County and want some seriously awesome hair, shoot Chloe an email to cdhairdesign@gmail.com!  I promise you won’t regret it, and neither will your freshly colored hair. :)

Muscle Tank: Zara // Shorts: Vintage // Shoes: Helmut Lang Envelope Boot (these are the same boot in waxed suede) // Hip Pack: Mox by Vere Verto  // Long Necklace: Green Jade Japa Mala from Karma Mantra // Teddy Necklace from Bip & Bop  (they don’t seem to have the same one any more, but this bunny is equally as cute!)

Photography by Sylvia Gunde


  1. you look amazing with natural and pink hair. i have natural haircolour all my life. i want do have white hair but i’m tooo afraid to change something like that. i’m so afraid that i wouldn’t like it and it is such a long process to get back natural haircolour. hahaha i know im so weird

    and your outfits are always so amazing. they really fit you. and the necklace god! <3



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