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Vintage Plaid Dress on One Turn Kill

Salt and Straw Ice Cream on One Turn Kill

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Asher from One Turn Kill at Salt and Straw

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Asher from One Turn Kill in BOUNDla

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Sooooo… the Portland based ice cream company, Salt & Straw, opened a location in LA.  Can you say bad news?  I can’t because it’s the best news, despite what Los Angeles’ waistlines might say.  With crazy flavors that you just have to try out (Avocado & Strawberry Sherbet, Tomato Water & Ojai Olive Oil Sherbet, and Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese), to more classic ice cream flavors (Chocolate Gooey Brownie and Single Origin Amadeas Vanilla), their ice cream is seriously THE BEST.  No, this isn’t a sponsered post and I wasn’t gifted anything, I just loooooooooove their ice cream and feel it is my duty to spread the word!

On to the real story here though, or at least the reason you probably come to OTK, outfits and not ice cream.  This dress is an instant classic!  Why?  Dresses like these are perfect for pairing with something that you REALLY want to stand out.  With this outfit it was my BOUNDla wood necklace that I wanted people to be able to see, in all of it’s angular glory.  Here is my process from beginning to end:

It starts with: the necklace.

Next:  I had been dying to wear the necklace for some time, but I wanted an outfit that would really just serve as a background to it.  It pairs perfectly with tees, sweatshirts and mostly anything, but I really wanted it to pop.  My mom (Love you mom!) sent me this dress and I instantly knew they were made for each other!  The higher neckline of the dress makes the shape of the necklace really stand on it’s own, which was exactly what I wanted.  I love pieces that make an outfit go from blah-brown-plaid to “Wow, you are dressed really cute!”  Which is what the girls at Salt & Straw told me, so I’m gonna go with it.  Thanks BOUNDla for making my outfit more than just a mom dress with cool socks.

How it ends: I wanted the outfit to have a bit of fall mixed in with it, which is why I went with boots and showing socks.  The brown in the dress and the boots also complimented each other so much, I couldn’t help it!  I added a little lightness into the bottom, to balance the white in the plaid and light wood of the necklace, with my new favorite socks with Llamas on them.  I have a weird obsession with llamas as of late, and Anthropolgie seems to be riddled with llama covered garments to fill my every need, thank goodness!

So there you have it!  Ice cream and killer wood necklaces make for a great day, try it out!  I dare ya!

Necklace: BOUNDla King Chevron // Dress: gift from my mother // Boots & Purse: vintage // Llama Socks: Anthropologie

Photography by Sumanta Muth



    • Thank you! <3

    • MOM! You are embarrassing me! Ha.

  1. These pictures are gorgeous, like ridiculously gorgeous…and I clearly have to try this ice cream

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

    • YOU HAVEN’T BEEN YET?!? Come on girl! Get on it!

  2. Love the dress and shoes!