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Asher from OneTurn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill x Allison

Vintage Dress on One Turn Kill

Vintage Boots on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill

Allison Shop Chapka on One Turn Kill

Vintage Dress and Boots One Turn Kill

Vintage Boots on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill


Finally the fall weather is here!  And by fall weather, I mean we’re down to the seventies.  It is a much needed break from the summer-in-fall weather we have been having, I’m talking to you, 90 degree days!  The past few months have given me quite the challenge when it comes to getting dressed because when it’s so hot out, wearing anything but a tank and shorts seems ridiculous!  I am learning to mix and match colors, fabrics, and varying degrees of being covered up, to keep myself fashionably satisfied.  Take a little from this season and a little from that season to make something that is my own!

I have been dying to throw some cooler weather pieces in to the mix and this hat sent over by Allison was the perfect way to do just that!  It’s just enough funky-cool to pair with this just as funky-cool vintage dress and boots, while not all together being dressed for colder temperatures.  Based in Paris, Allison has rounded up lots of unique, statement pieces, like this hat, to make them a one stop shop for when you are looking for something to make your outfit pop!  Which, of course, is what I am all about.  Check them out!

Hat: c/o Allison, Amenapih Chapka // Dress & Boots: Vintage // Purse: Nine West

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