Habitually Checking

There are certain blogs that I habitually check, for one reason or another, every single day.  Well, maybe not every single day, but lots of days.  Here is a list to live, love, and lust after:

Park & Cube: The every quirky Shini of Park & Cube is one of my favorite bloggers to follow.  She definitely has some personality and you can hear it in even her small Instagram comments.  With DIYs and outfit inspo to spare, I can’t help but love everything she does.  Check her out!

Shini of Park and Cube


Into the Gloss: For all things beauty and beyond, Into the Gloss is my go to.  From how to perfectly do bed head to applying the best eyeliner to oil spill-esqe nails, you can find it all here.  Dishing out beauty tips on a daily basis is their game and I’m watching like a fat man on Super Bowl Sunday.

Into the Gloss Nails


Tales of Endearment: Getting into the closest of everyone you wish you could steal from, Natalie Joos gives us interviews of the most stylish girls from around the world.  Closet tours and vintage shopping are always on the menu, as well as her very own outfits du jour, all with a little spunk and personality.  This is one you won’t regret peeking into!

Tales of Endearment


Karla’s Closet: Crop tops (and clothes in general) were made for Karla Deras.  Seriously.  Go look.

Karla's Closet


Leaf.tv For cooking and DIYs done in the cutest little videos, LEAF is the spot. LEAF stands for Living, Eating and Fashion, so you can find things on, you guessed it, living, eating, and fashion.  Yoga, home improvement, recipes, and beauty tips are just a few of the things I watch/read about on this go to blog.

Hint: Look up their Spiced Roasted Chickpea Recipe, it’s too good!

Leaf.tv Spiced Roasted Chickpeas


Stop It Right Now: My infatuation with Jane of Stop It Right Now lives on.  If you have been following anything I do, you would know this.  Her style is very down to earth and California-tomboy-cooler-than-you-kid-ish.  I also love the way her photos are done, she always does something a little different, not your ordinary run-of-the-mill blog photos.  Take a looky!

Jane Stop it right now


And that rounds off my list, who is on yours?

What do you think?