Getting away with cowboy boots.

Asher in Cowboy Boots on One Turn Kill

Asher from OneTurnKill

Pink Hat on One Turn Kill

Anthropologie Fall Dress One Turn Kill

Cowboy Boots and Dooney Bag on One Turn Kill

Anthropologie Dress and Cowboy Boots One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill

Hollywood Personal Style Blogger One Turn Kill

Cowboy Boots and Dress on One Turn Kill

Vintage Dooney and Bourke on One Turn Kill

Purse and Cowboy Boots on One Turn Kill

Asher from OTK

Although I had put my cowboy boots, very much loved and almost falling apart, away for the last year or two, I had built a craving so strong I couldn’t help but pull them out.  Are cowboy boots out of fashion?  I dunno.  Were they ever in?  I am sure at some point.  I remember a few years ago one of my best friends and I used to wear them with everything.  Jeans, dresses, shorts, EVERYTHING.  She had a perfectly worn in black pair that I used to wear every time she didn’t, despite them having a hole in the sole.  Who cares, wear thicker socks!

These saddle tan colored ones are almost as worn in, and make me just as happy, as my friend’s black ones.  When I put on this dress I knew the boots would be all too perfect with it.  As soon as the boots were on I also knew my fuchsia hat had to be in the mix.  Why?  I dunno, it just had to happen.  Some outfits are like that, they just aren’t perfect without a hat.  Like the day I wore the Mickey ears all day, remember that?  Sometimes my own wardrobe choices surprise me, but somehow for that day it feels good.  And that, my friends, is all that really matters.

Boots & Hat: Vintage // Dress: Anthropologie (a gift from the very same black cowboy boot wielding friend) // Purse: Dooney & Bourke

Photography by Sumanta Muth


    • Thank you so much!

  1. That’s definitely how to get away with wearing cowboys boots! Love this look and these pictures are so stinking cute!!!

    • Ha ha I tried! What did I have to lose?

  2. Love your dress! The colours are awesome!

    • Thank you! <3

  3. Loving this look! I totally appreciate that you can style the cowboy boots without looking country…I can never quite get that.

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    • It really is so hard to not look country! That was totally where the hat came in, I think it threw the country out of it. Well, as much as you can throw the country out of cowboy boots.

  4. haha “wear thicker socks!” <— i loved that. i have a combat boot pair that has holes on the tops of the shoe and my dad keeps trying to throw them out when im not looking. i told him they still work and to lose his vendetta, haha. you look ADORABLE here, i personally always loved cowboy boots, with any style

    xo marlen
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  5. Love this look.. and cowboy boots. After mine vanished some years ago I’ve been on a pretty picky lookout for a replacement pair.. yours are awesome!


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