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Serena by Sunita Mukhi Eye Backpack on One Turn Kill

Asher from OTK

One Turn Kill Fashion Blog Sunita Mukhi

Eye Backpack by Serena by Sunita Mukhi One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill Serena by SM

Acne Studios Pistol Boots on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill Acne and Sunita Mukhi

Serena by SM on One Turn Kill

Acne Pistol Booties on One Turn Kill

Asher from Oneturnkill

Serena by Sunita Mukhi Backpack on One Turn Kill

Remember this shirt dress from What to do with a shirt dress?  Well, here is another thing to try!  Throw a crop top over for a whole new look!  Plus it’s an outfit that you get to wear a crop top sans showing off your midriff.  I love playing with crop tops, I put them over everything, tee shirts, dresses, and sometimes I go crazy and wear them on their own.  What’s your favorite way to wear them?  Would you try it this way?

This backpack that Sunita Mukhi sent me is my new favorite!  I mean, what beats a big sequin eye to follow you around all day?  NOTHING.  I knew it had to be mine the second I saw it!  Eyes are everywhere this year and this fills my craving for sure.  Bright, shiny, and the fact that it is attached to a backpack makes it perfect for my low maintenance bag, all too picky self.  How are you going to get your “eye” on this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

Shirtdress: Zara // Crop Top: Missguided // Shorts: H&M // Boots: Acne Studios // Backpack: Serena by Sunita Mukhi

Photography by Sumanta Muth


    • Thank you! I am always in the constant struggle of growing it and my bangs out, but they always ends up getting chopped. Oh well! :)


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