Get ’em out! The shoulder pads I mean.

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Off White Converse with Dress On One Turn Kill

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Vintage 90s Red Dress One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn KillI have to say, nothing makes me happier than finding a vintage piece with massive shoulder pads, falling in love with it’s fit, color, or buttons, and then ripping those massive shoulder pads right out!  Really though, pulling the shoulder pads out of a really killer vintage dress instantly brings it in to the now.  That doesn’t mean every time I see shoulder pads that I rip them out!  There are definitely some pieces, either because the shoulder pads are so subtle, or because the piece is made by the statement shoulders, where the shoulder pads are best left right where they are.

This dress fits in the “GET EM OUT!” category, so out they came and on to my bod went this killer red dress.  The checkered detailing around the collar and arm hems, plus the double breasted buttons, had me sold even before I had tried it on.  That is the beauty of shopping for vintage!  Sometimes you just find a piece that you love everything about, whether it is the buttons, the fabric, the shape, or anything else, and you know you have to at least try it on!  Sometime it will work, and sometimes it won’t.  Or, like in this situation, you may need to do slight alterations.  Another super easy way to bring a vintage piece into the now is to tack on some ribbons to the back sides so that you can tie a cute little bow to cinch in the waist to make it more fitting to your body.  I have used this method many times!  Try it out!  Find a piece that just really catches your eye, but you don’t think it will work, try it on, and see if there are any super easy alterations you could do to it.  It will be worth it when you are the only one wearing a read jacket dress and ivory  converse.  I promise.

Dress: Vintage // Shoes:  Converse

White Converse and Vintage Dress on One Turn Kill


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