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Mom jeans have my heart, if that isn’t apparent already (if you are confused, read the post about finding the perfect pair, and this one about mom fit chambray pants), and I love pairing them with other 90s paraphernalia.  Pulling out this killer straw hat is no exception!  I couldn’t have made this outfit more reminiscent of my childhood than by wearing a light pastel floral top.  How many days did I go to school in floral dresses with hats that so perfectly matched, usually adorned with fake flowers?  Too many to count!

The key to pulling off outfits like these is to add in something that makes it feel more current.  I chose these killer Nine West cherry blossom print wedges to bring the whole outfit into the now.  Pattern mixing has been big for a few years now, and it will stay near and dear to my heart for years to come I am sure of it.  Picking patterns with the same overall idea, in this case both florals, in different but matching colors is what makes it all work.  Wedges have made a huge comeback this spring, as well as the mom fit jeans, so the mixing of different eras of vintage clothing doesn’t feel outdated or scattered.

Have you ever had those days when you feel like you are channeling the fashions from your elementary school days?  I’d love to hear about it!  Lemme know in the comment section below!

Jeans: vintage Gap Classic Fit, similar fit here & here // Shirt: vintage, get the look here & here // Wedges: Nine West, similar here & here // Hat: Vintage, similar here

Vintage Levis Jeans and Heels One Turn Kill


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  1. That last picture is the cutest and loving the mom jeans comeback…and dressing like I’m in kindergarten lol. I found this vintage kids dress in probably the largest size they make and it so happened to be a brand I wore when I was like 6. It’s like my favorite thing I own right now. Happy Tuesday love.

    xx Sarah


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