Dressing down.

Dress and Sneakers


I have never been a tennis shoe kind of girl.  I think it all has something to do with black basket ball shorts and gray tee shirts being forced upon me in 8th grade gym class, but then… Brightly colored tennis shoes started popping up everywhere, from fashion week to the girl next door, on runners in the street to the suited gentlemen at the table next to mine.  They were haunting me I tell you, like some sort of bad 8th grade acid trip nightmare!  (No, I didn’t do acid in 8th grade, but if I did…)

I had tried on my fair share, always choking back a gag as I peered into various store mirrors, and then I finally slipped my toes into these magenta Nike Free Fit 2 babes.  I have been wearing them with everything and now I understand the craze that has been whipping up all around me!  Don’t get carried away though guys, unless they are in an over saturated candy color or some type of glowing fluorescent, leave them at the store.  (Of course, if  you WANT to look like a tourist in bad jeans and tennis shoes, I leave you to fend for yourself.)  For now, I have comfy feet to go with mostly anything, aren’t you jealous?

Get them before they get you.


Dress and Sneakers Dress and Sneakers Dress and Sneakers


Photography by Rebecca McKenzie 


  1. Perfect!!! Love it!

    • Thanks chicky!



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