Crop Top + Tee

Crop top + tee


Here in sunny LA we aren’t quite having fall yet.  It still gets up to 80 degrees and coats, or even light jackets, are not quite needed, at least during the day.  So, how do you dress for this?  Especially coming from somewhere that has no fall or spring to speak of, only 100 degrees or 10 degrees, summer or winter.  It’s summer to warm fall transition dressing, not summer to crisp fall transition dressing, that I am working with here.  I am not complaining even one bit about the warmth, trust me, but I do crave something a little different in the closet area.

In order to make things more fall relevant, without over dressing for the sun, I have mixed seasons together!  Layering a crop top over a tee shirt and running around in boyfriend jeans rather than cut off shorts brings everything into the next season.  If you happen to be in a place where the chill has begun, grab a leather jacket to throw on or pair with a long sleeve shirt!  How many layers can we put on at once?  Well, lots.  Don’t try to count, just keep stacking until you are warm enough.  Crop tops with cut outs make for perfect pieces of interest over any old tee.  The older and worn in the better!  Which reminds me, has anyone found the perfectly worn in soft tee they would like to share?  I have found many, sold in stores from A-Z, but it just never seems to be the same as a genuinely worn in shirt.  Let me know what your favorite go-to tee is!


Crop top + tee Crop top + tee Crop top + tee Crop top + tee Crop top + tee Crop top + tee Crop top + tee


Photography by Rebecca McKenzie

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  1. Gorgeous! An old Velvet Revolver tee, btw.


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