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BM_Cross_Leggings_Sweater_Over_One_Eye_2_WebBM_Cross_Leggings_Combined BM_Cross_Leggings_Close_Web

If it wasn’t apparent already, I love leggings. I especially love leggings of the Black Milk variety, or any brand that is awesome as the aforementioned. The first thing I gravitate towards in the morning is my beloved leggings, as they are just way too easy to throw on with a sweater when it is chilly outside. Although the leggings aren’t so much the warmest articles of clothing, they are definitely the easiest to curl in a ball with in front of the fire. Again, where is spring?

Also, don’t forget to swoon over my vintage blow dry chair. I know it’s awesome. Trust me, I KNOW.

Sweater and Boots: Anthropologie//Leggings: Black Milk

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