Boyfriend Jeans and St. Patrick’s Day

St_Patricks_Day_Side_WalkingSt_Patricks_Day_Front_Windy_Hair St_Patricks_Day_Front St_Patricks_Day_Shoes St_Patricks_Day_Side St_Patricks_Day_Side_Walking_2 St_Patricks_Day_Shoes_Close St_Patricks_Day_Front_Windy_Hair_2

Windy St. Patricks day was spent out and about vintage shopping and eating wonderfully delicious foods around Williamsburg in my very favorite boyfriend jeans. So, lets talk about the struggle for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.  I have tried on so many pairs of them, all made for girls, with a “boyfriend” fit.  They never seem to actually fit like a pair of your boyfriends jeans.  Has anyone else had this problem?

So, where next you ask?  I went on a hunt to find jeans actually made for the boys.  I tried on countless fits, old and new, to land on these: Gap Classics for men!  I found them at a thrift store and the men must not be in to them anymore because they were plentiful.  Almost every thrift store I went to had at least a couple of pairs, so try it out! Let me know if they work for you also!

As for the rest of my outfit, I love this green shirt, it is probably one of my favorite vintage finds ever!  The fabric is so light weight, so it is great under a sweater, (the one I am wearing is also taken from the boys), in the spring but will take me well in to the summer tied up with a great pair of shorts.   The color just screams spring to me! And also, I suppose, it says Happy St. Patricks Day!

*Disclaimer:  These jeans may make your legs look like short stumps.  Live a little.

Sweater & Blouse: Vintage // Jeans: Gap Men’s Classic // Bag: H&M // Boots: Aldo

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