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Asher from One Turn Kill PLT Libra Necklace

Libra Necklace from PLTNYC on One Turn Kill

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Diesel Black and gold Leather bag on One Turn Kill

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Asher from One Turn Kill Libra Necklace

Wood Sole Sandals and Socks on One Turn Kill

You're So Vain Libra Necklace on One Turn Kill

Asher from One Turn Kill

If there is one thing I like, it’s statement pieces.  Can I drill that into your head one more time?  I’m sure it will come up again, so don’t worry if you don’t get it this time.  Anyway, this hat is exactly that.  I saw it and I thought, “Gee, that hat is ugly.”  Then I walked around some more and saw it again, still thinking it was ugly, I kept on with my business.  The third time I saw it, yes, THE THIRD TIME, I said to it, “You are ugly.  I will take you home.”  And here it is, happily ever after plopped on my head!  What better way to make an outfit go from nothing to something than a mint green hat with neon orange trim!

P.S. Check out this necklace.  For reals though, check it out!  It’s from a collection called Nobody’s Perfect Zodiac by Pretty Little Thing.  I am so in love with the cute sayings on the back to go with each astrological sign!  I am a Libra (Sup to my Baby Libra Star and all my other fellow scales!),  and my necklace says “You’re So Vain”!  Duh, I write a blog about myself because I love my clothes (and myself) just that much.  Wow, really?  Seriously though, go pop on over and see what yours says!  Bet it’s not as good as mine…

Necklace: gifted Libra Necklace // Dress & Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Jacket: Vintage // Hat: Anthropologie // Socks: Top Shop

Photography by Sumanta Muth

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  1. I love your eclectic style. I have bought so many ‘man reppeler’ pieces that only I think are cool, hope you can take a look at it x


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