It’s about time to turn the world of ubiquitous fashion on its head. In a life where pre-packaged, head-to-toe looks are bottled and sold to the highest bidder, we crave the art of dressing with inspired personal edge. We’re not a bunch of cookie-cutter carbon copies, so why dress like it? Sure, a million other girls have this shirt- but they’re not wearing this shirt like we’re wearing this shirt.

We invest in the important things in life. Everyone with two nickels to rub together knows those two nickels are best spent on a killer statement piece that’s going to keep them looking fresh for seasons to come. We believe dressing should be effortless, without looking… effortless. We’re not saying our outfits are flawless, because we know there’s intrigue in the unexpected and imperfect. We’ve got the clothes on our back (and a closet full more) and that’s all we need.

For the girl that filled her suitcase and got on the freeway, made the occasional stop for ice cream, and never looked back. Making her own way and making the most of it. Fashionably, of course.


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